Help Support Wee Pals Child Care Center

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From Cashwise:

When you buy Food Club, Top Care, Full Circle, or Paws items, you automatically receive the LABELS FOR LEARNING receipt on your sales receipt.


We are also collecting "Box tops for education" now

From Kwik Trip:

Save bag tops and bottle caps with the MILK MOOLA name and the price ring from a package of 6 to 12 glazer donuts.

From the Campbell “Family”:

Cut out the original LABELS FOR EDUCATION labels on soup cans.  A whole list of trademarks have joined the “family”: Bic, Pop Secret Popcorn, Emerald Nuts, Post Cereals, Glad Bags, etc.  Most of the items will require the UPC or jar cap.  

With Funding Factory:

Bring in your Inkjet Cartridges, Toner Cartridges, Cell Phones, iPods/Mp3 Players, Laptops, Digital Cameras, and GPS devices and we will send them in to be recycled and we will receive cash for our programs.  

These items can easily be deposited in labeled receptacles in the office at Wee Pals.