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Wee Pals Child Care Center Inquiry Form

Currently have openings for 3 year olds

Now taking enrollments for our fall preschool daycare program starting this September for 3 and 4 year olds

  • Parents of infants and toddlers in our program receive a daily report on their children's meals, nap time, diaper changes, and activities.

  • In Teddy Bear Corner, the staff provides for each infant's individual needs, holding and playing with the babies and helping each reach developmental milestones. We teach baby sign language.

  • Our preschool program teaches children letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and other skills needed to prepare for kindergarten.

  • Our pre-kindergarten program teaches phonics, reading and math skills so that children will be prepared to succeed in elementary school.

Enjoy our convenient location and caring atmosphere

Caring teachers and partnerships with parents and the public school

At Wee Pals Child Care Center, we take pride in our family-friendly atmosphere where parents can arrange for care that meets their family's needs. Our children receive unique educational opportunities in a diverse environment.


We are located in the historic Merrill building where the large classrooms are warm and comfortable. Children and families benefit from the proximity of the Little Theatre, Art Center, swimming pool and gymnasium.

“I have had my children at Wee Pals for a year and a half. My daughter joined first when we were looking for a Preschool/Daycare facility. After taking the Wee Pals tour and meeting the staff, my daughter was so excited to start! The staff always seems to continuously care about my child and her education. The work she does has a good variety and is balanced with educational play. After having my son, we then enrolled him in the baby room. Words cannot express how much I love and appreciate the care they give my son. Ideally, I would have loved to stay home with my son for the first year. But having staff that is so involved, loving, great with communication and listens to my parenting ways makes every day so much easier with the baby room. Both of my kids feel so welcomed when at Wee Pals, and I love how my daughter feels like she can talk to teachers who aren’t necessarily her teacher. Wee Pals has an overall great family feel at their center.”

Kiley Adams (2017)


“My children are always eager to get in the car and go to daycare. We have seen exceptional progress since our kids have started at Wee Pals. We appreciate the effort the teachers put into the lessons and the creativity used. It is rewarding to see how happy my kids are at school. They are growing as individuals and I am very thankful to the staff at Wee Pals for their grace and love they show my children. Wee Pals is an amazing facility and I am so glad that we are there.”

The Owen Family (2017)


“As a parent, I trust the teachers and staff at Wee Pals every day with my son. I am grateful for the loving care and guidance he receives. All the staff look st each child as an individual with their own strengths and needs. My son has been blessed with awesome teachers who understand his challenges and handle him with grace. I love the feeling of family in the daycare center setting. My child has learned so much attending Wee Pals. Thank you to the Wee Pals Child Care Center for an incredible early childhood curriculum that engages and teaches at all educational levels. A special thank you to Marilee and her staff for continuing to care for children from the heart.”

Michelle Lund (2017)