Meet the Wee Pals Staff

Our Caring Staff

God has blessed Wee Pals Child Care in so many ways, including beautiful, active children, loving parents, and a dedicated staff. We are grateful to provide our children with a warm, safe place to grow in faith and develop the skills needed to be successful in the years ahead, both at school and in life. Our staff is trained to meet the rigorous standards of the Parent Aware of Minnesota process. Take a minute to familiarize yourself with our selfless teachers who make Wee Pals the wonderful family that it is.

Clairissa Dushek:

Executive Director

Kendyl Dushek:

Assistant Director

Morrigan Douglass:

Kitchen Manager

Ashley Patterson:

Pink Room Lead Teacher

Jenna Shaffer:

Blue Room Lead Teacher

Diane McKee:

Blue Room Experienced Aide

Alyssa Williams:

Yellow Room Lead Teacher

Abby Koch:

Yellow Room Aide

Emily Aase-Hermel:

Green Room Lead Teacher

Melissa Abare:

Orange Room Lead Teacher

Sydney Klein:

Orange Room Assistant Teacher

Tammy Harber:

Red Room Lead Teacher

Mary Kimbro:

Red Room Experienced Aide

Crystal Greenfield:

School Age Lead Teacher

McKennah Matson:

School Age Lead Teacher

Emma Holland:

High School Aide

Arianna Chavez:

High School Aide

Kenzie Pelovsky:

High School Aide

Our staff follow the policy below to assist children with behaviors

– Staff model positive behavior

– Design the physical environment to minimize conflict

– Maintain age appropriate expectations for children’s behaviors

– Closely observe and supervise children’s activities and interactions

– Staff help children verbalize their feelings, frustrations and concerns


560 Dunnell Drive
Owatonna, MN 55060